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Medica’s 2023 Medicare Supplement Bonus Program (MN, NE)

Medica is excited to announce a bonus program for our Medicare Supplement plans in Minnesota and Nebraska. This program begins with new business sales, submitted via Medica’s Electronic Application process, for policies effective April 1 – September 1, 2023.

You can earn:

Minnesota Nebraska
  • $500 total for the first five Underwritten, active (premium paying ) policies
  • $200 total for the first five Open Enrollment, active (premium paying) policies
  • $500 total for the first five Underwritten, active (premium paying ) policies
Eligible Plan Types: Basic, Extended Basic, Copayment Plan N Eligible Eligible Plan Types: F, G, N
Applications must be submitted Electronically to qualify Applications must be submitted Electronically to qualify
Maximum payout: $700 Maximum payout: $500

Additional Qualifying Business Guidelines:

  • Applicable to Medicare Supplement policy sales in Minnesota and Nebraska.
  • Applicable to policies with effective dates of 4/1/23 through 9/1/23
  • Must have five active (premium paying) policies, submitted via Electronic Application, to qualify
  • Bonus will be paid after the fifth policy has been effective, active and paid for 60 days
  • MN: Excludes Guarantee Issue and under age 65, disability business
  • NE: Excludes Open Enrollment, Guarantee Issue, and under age 65, disability business
  • All policies eligible for bonus must be in-force and active with premium paid at time of bonus payout
  • Bonus paid/accumulates at the agent level (not agency level)
  • Agent must be currently contracted, actively licensed/appointed and remain in good standing with Medica
  • All decisions by Medica regarding the program and its cancellation are final
  • The costs of the award will be reported to you as taxable income on IRS Form 1099
  • Excludes current Medica Medicare Supplement policyholders that make plan changes during the bonus period
  • All state/federal guidelines apply

Click Here for full details.

Our warmest holiday wishes

Medica | HAPPY HOLIDAYS - We Love working with you

Medicare Supplement competitive premiums

Take advantage of our new lower premiums, as well as the bonus program for our Medicare Supplement plans in Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota — you can earn up to $700.

Sample monthly premiums for our plans include*:

Iowa Nebraska North Dakota South Dakota
Monthly Premium $90.34 $90.34 $107.06 $104.06

* Sample premiums are for a 65-year-old female, non-tobacco, Plan G, with Household Discount (HHD). IA/NE premium shown is for lowest rated zip code area.

The program begins with new business sales effective June 1 – Oct. 1, 2022. You can earn:

  • $500 total for the first five underwritten, active (premium paying) policies
  • $200 total for the first five open enrollment, active (premium paying) policies

Read about additional guidelines.

Doing Business With Medica

2023 Medicare Certification is live

Get ready to sell Medicare plans by completing the 2023 Medicare Certification. Medicare Certification provides helpful Medica plan and enrollment information. You must complete certification before September 30 to begin marketing to beneficiaries on October 1.

Get certified by logging into the Broker Portal and clicking on Training and events<?/m>.

Reference the Medicare Certification tip sheet for additional information and to ensure you complete all the required modules.

Annual General Compliance and FWA Training

If you have entered into a contract to provide services on behalf of Medica for health plan enrollees, you are subject to Federal requirements for first tier entities, downstream and related entities (FDRs), which includes annual Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) and General Compliance Training.

How do I satisfy this requirement?

Who needs to complete this training?

  • Do non-licensed staff (e.g., administrative assistants, enrollment processors) working with Medica enrollees’ Protected Health Information (PHI) need to complete this training? Yes.
  • Do licensed staff who plan to complete 2023 Medicare Certification need to complete this training? No. Completing the 2023 Medicare Certification satisfies the General Compliance and FWA Training requirement.

Now that I know who needs to complete this training, what is the next step?

  • If you are listed as Head of Agency (HoA), you must attest on behalf of your entire agency that all licensed and applicable non-licensed staff has completed training. You must maintain a record of training for 10 years to show compliance with regulatory requirements. You may use the following form if needed to maintain this evidence. This should be retained by your office and must be made available upon request. DO NOT RETURN THIS FORM TO MEDICA, MAINTAIN FOR YOUR OWN RECORDS.
  • If you are an independent agent without staff, you do not need to complete the Attestation form

If you have any questions, please contact

Register for our Broker Forums

Join us for an upcoming Medica Broker Forum to learn about our new expansion territories, new products, and everything else you need to know about our 2023 Medicare, Individual + Family, and Commercial products.

Check out our dates, times, and locations.

RSVP today on the Training and events page through the Broker Portal. We look forward to seeing you.

2023 Medica Training Launches July 15th

AHIP – scores can be transferred over to PINPOINT.

Click here for training

Pre-Order Medicare Sales Materials Now!

You can preorder Medicare sales kits, applications, and brochures from July 1, 2022 until July 22, 2022, so you’re ready on October 1st.

After July 22nd, agents will not be able to order supplies until right before AEP (end of September).

Supply Order Link

Medica’s Medicare MN Advantage Plan

Message from Michelle Wood from Medica

We are now in the 2022 Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (MAOEP). Some of your clients may be experiencing changes to their plan’s network for 2022. The MAOEP allows beneficiaries to make a change to another MA plan that better fits their needs.

Click here to view the OEP Tip Sheet

As you know, Medica made significant improvements to our MAPD products for 2022. We strive to be your trusted health plan of choice and one of the biggest changes was contracting with Mayo Clinic Rochester as an In Network Provider for all of our MAPD products.

Other enhancements include:

  • Lower Premiums
  • Lower Out of Pocket Maximums
  • Lower Copays
  • Lower RX Deductibles
  • 10-20% up to a copay limit $150/$75 on X-ray, radiology, diagnostic tests
  • Insulin savings offered on all our MA plans with part D
  • No RX Deductible – tiers 1, 2 and even tier 3 on some plans
  • “True” travel benefit on all plans starts on day one. Same benefit as in network if out of service area for more than 30 days (Provider Must accept Medicare Assignment)
  • Increased Dental Reimbursement(s) (No Network – Any Licensed Dentist)
  • Increased Eyewear Reimbursement(s) – No Network
  • National Fitness Program increasing free club access from 16K to more than 25K nationally

Please feel free to reach out to me should you have any questions or need guidance on how to move your clients to Medica during the MAOEP.

Thank you,
Michelle Wood
Sales Relationship Manager

Government Programs — Individual and Family Business
Medica | 401 Carlson Parkway | Minnetonka, MN 55305
W: 952-992-2608 | F: 952-992-2608

Introducing the new face of Medica!

New Medica Logo 2021

The Medica brand is getting an update! Over the next several months you’ll start to see a new look across our communications, our websites and our advertising. We will appreciate your patience as we complete this transition and are excited to share it all with you.

Don’t worry. We’re the same Medica, with the same commitment to being your trusted health plan of choice.

Doing Business With Medica

Ordering ID cards for clients

You now have the ability to order member ID cards from the Medicare and IFB Broker Portals. If a client needs your assistance with ordering, click on “Order ID card” under Quick Links and it will direct you to the appropriate form.

Medica address information for submitting documents

There have been a high volume of documents that are being mailed and faxed to incorrect Medica departments. Misrouted mail causes delays in processing and may negatively impact your clients. Please review the Medica addresses and make sure you’re sending documents to the correct location. In addition, you can find the most current version of documents on the Marketing Hub.

Please note: There are separate Secure Document Upload pages for Medicare and IFB, so make sure you’re accessing the correct page on Medica’s Broker Portal when you’re submitting documents for a specific plan type.

Medicare Market

New Medica Medicare Supplement plan options coming in four new states

Medica will be expanding their Medicare Supplement plan offerings into four new states effective March 1, 2021. In addition to the Medicare Supplement plans currently available in Minnesota, Medica will be offering Plan Types A, F, G, and N in Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

We will be hosting upcoming Medica Medicare Supplement plan trainings at the end of February. Visit our Training and Events page on Medica’s Broker Portal to enroll.

The electronic application and pre-sales kits will be available on March 1 and Medica will provide additional details soon. In addition, sales materials will be available in the Medica Marketing Hub beginning March 1.

If you have any questions, contact your Sales Relationship Manager or the Broker Services team.

Updated Medicare Advantage sales materials available in the Marketing Hub

Updated Medicare Advantage materials are available to order or download in the Medica Marketing Hub. If you have existing Medicare Advantage sales kits, they need to be updated with the new business reply envelope and application forms so there is no delay in processing. There is also an updated disenrollment form for members. Below are the impacted materials:

  • 2021 Advantage Solution Application Form
  • 2021 SE MN Advantage Solution Application Form
  • 2021 IA/NE Advantage Solution Application Form
  • 2021 Advantage Solution Business Reply Envelope
  • 2021 Advantage Solution Disenrollment Form

Doing Business With Medica

Explore the Broker Client View tool

Take advantage of Medica’s Broker Client View (BCV), a self-service tool that allows agents to view their Medicare and Individual & Family (IFB) clients. BCV provides access to a robust dashboard of your Medica book of business and gives you access to important member plan details to support growth and retention of your clients. You’ll also have the ability to export and download your Medica book of business.

We also enhanced BCV to include an Agency and Field Marketing Organization (FMO) view, which enables the Head of Agency or the Head of an FMO the ability to view their entire book of business and the book of business associated with their downline agencies and brokers.

For more detailed information, reference the Broker Client View User Guide.
If you have any feedback or questions, reach out to your Sales Relationship Manager or Broker Services.

Information and resources about COVID-19 vaccines

Have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine? The Medica COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ will give you answers to several anticipated questions. We also encourage you to visit for up-to-date information as well as the following websites:

Medicare will be sharing information about vaccines on our web and social media pages. Access our social media campaign for helpful tools to help you with your own messaging:
COVID-19 social posts for employers and brokers

Happy holidays!

The holiday season is here and we’d like to take the time to say thank you for being a Medica partner. 2020 has been a very challenging year for all of us but because of your partnership and trust in Medica, we were able to take care of our members and have a successful year. We’re looking forward to 2021 and continuing to enhance our broker and member experience, as well as announce new products and territories. We are truly grateful for your trust in Medica and hope you take the time to enjoy the holidays. Wishing you a very healthy and happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year.

Your Medica Sales Team

Doing Business With Medica

Compliance Corner

Remaining compliant through all beneficiary interactions is an important goal. It not only helps to avoid penalties and disciplinary actions, but also to better serve Medica’s current and potential members.

Below is a friendly reminder to help achieve this goal:

  • CMS prohibits engaging in or promoting activities that intend to target the MA OEP (January 1 to March 31) as an opportunity to make further sales.
  • During the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period, CMS prohibits calling or contacting former enrollees who have selected a new plan during the Annual Enrollment Period.

Broker Services holiday hours

With the upcoming holidays, we wanted to provide you with the holiday hours of our Broker Services team.

Holiday Day of Week Special Hours
December 24 (Christmas Eve) Thursday 8:00 a.m. — 12:00 p.m.
December 25 (Christmas Day) Friday Closed
December 31 (New Year’s Eve) Thursday 8:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m.
January 1 (New Year’s Day) Friday Closed

COVID-19 information and resources

If you or your clients have questions related to COVID-19, visit the COVID-19 Information and Resources page to learn more about important reminders and Medica’s coverage for COVID-19.

Medicare Market

Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period

The Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (MA-OEP) will begin on January 1 and run through March 31, 2021. The MA-OEP gives individuals enrolled in a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan the ability to enroll:

  • In a different MA plan with prescription drug coverage
  • In a different MA plan without prescription drug coverage
  • In Original Medicare and a stand-alone prescription drug plan
  • In Original Medicare

Individuals who take advantage of the MA-OEP can only make one change and it will be effective the first of the month following the enrollment submission. Reference the MA-OEP tip sheet for additional details. If you have any questions about the MA-OEP, please contact your Sales Relationship Manager or Broker Services.

Individual & Family Business

Open enrollment reminders

The Open Enrollment Period is coming to an end. Consumers can enroll in our 2021 Individual & Family Health plans through their state Health Insurance Marketplace or directly through Medica (Off-Marketplace).* All applications need to be submitted by the key enrollment dates noted below:

  • December 15 for all Medica states except MN
  • December 22 for MN

*Off-Marketplace plans will be available through the Broker Portal in all states except in Oklahoma where off-Marketplace plans will be available through a paper application process only.

Member Communication & Outreach

Medicare Advantage member ID cards coming soon

All Medica Advantage Solution members will receive a new ID card in the mail in late December. In that mailing, we will insert information they need to know about their new ID cards and a few additional changes to the member experience. View the insert below.

Important 2021 Medica Advantage Solution Plan Information

Members will need to discard their old card and use their new card as of January 1, 2021.

Medica Broker Client View Enhancements

We’re excited to release an update to Broker Client View (BCV). The current view in BCV allows agents to view their Medicare and Individual & Family Business (IFB) clients. This new enhancement, which is now live, introduces the Agency and Field Marketing Organization (FMO) view in BCV and enables the Head of Agency or the Head of an FMO the ability to view their entire book of business and the book of business associated with their downline agencies and brokers. We have also made some enhancements to the dashboard for better visibility of your Medica business.

Reference the updated Broker Client View User Guide for more details.

Medica Broker Client View

Broker Client View (BCV) is Medica’s book of business dashboard. BCV features intuitive navigation in a secure environment with power data-driven functionality. This self-service tool offers opportunities for agents to support their Medica members and to grow and retain clients.

Click for instructions on accessing Broker Client View

Medica Medicare Advantage Materials

Check back for updated documents, we are continually refreshing as they become available.

Medica & Medsurety Health Savings Account

Medica has selected Medsurety to provide Individual and Family plan members with a Health Savings Account with a high level of service, and all the current online and mobile features to help you save and pay for your medical expenses.

Forms and Documents

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