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UnitedHealthcare Rx Disposal Tips

Keeping old medications around the home can be unsafe for your clients, as they can accidentally be taken or misused. Recommend unused or expired medications be disposed of as soon as possible.

View/download UnitedHealthcare’s Rx Disposal Tip Sheet to learn 4 tips for disposing of unused medicines:

2022 Certifications Opened June 28!

Certify early! The sales materials portal will open Aug. 14 – Aug. 29 for Enrollment Guide orders! By certifying early, you can ensure you’ll have materials ready to go by October 1. The longer you wait to certify, the less likely you are to receive materials by October 1.

First, decide if you are taking your certifications entirely via UnitedHealthcare courses and modules OR if you will be using a combination of AHIP and UnitedHealthcare courses and modules.
AHIP Certification is NOT Required!

Contact the UnitedHealthcare Producer Help Desk at 1-888-381-8581 or for any questions on certifications.

Or feel free to contact our GoldenCare Direct Team / AHIP Hot Line at 612-223-8721.

UnitedHealthcare 2022 Prerequisite Assessments image

UnitedHealthcare 2021 Ancillary Benefit Guide

The 2021 Ancillary Benefit Guide is now available! This is a national guide, so remember that not all benefits are included on the Minnesota plans.

View/download this new guide by clicking below:

2021 Ancillary Benefit Guide

Coming Soon in Learning Lab! Certify to Sell 2021 UnitedHealthcare Products

Mark your calendars! Starting Monday, June 29, you can certify to sell 2021 UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions products.

What you need to know

  • NEW! Access 2021 UnitedHealthcare® Certifications in our new learning management system called Learning Lab for simplified use, clearer assignments and easier tracking.
  • NEW! All Certification modules and assessments are available in both English and Spanish.
  • Passing the prerequisite tests (Medicare Basics Test, Ethics and Compliance Test and AARP® Course) certifies you to sell Medicare Advantage* (MA), Prescription Drug and AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans from UnitedHealthcare®!
  • To sell Chronic or Dual Special Needs Plan (DSNP), take the Chronic Dual SNP module and test after you have passed all your prerequisite tests.
  • Don’t forget to take 2021, Events Basics if you plan to conduct in-person or virtual events!

How to take certifications

  • Certification modules and tests are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week on Jarvis>Knowledge Center>Learning Lab
  • You will have six attempts to complete an assessment with a minimum passing score of 85 percent.
  • Answer a question correctly and you’ll move immediately to the next question; answer a question incorrectly, and you’ll receive feedback that it was wrong and then you will move to the next question.

UnitedHealthcare® will once again accept AHIP’s Medicare + Fraud, Waste and Abuse Training, which satisfies the requirement for the UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Solutions Certification module, Medicare Basics Test (including Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug and Medicare Supplement Plans). If you wish to receive the $50 discount on AHIP from UnitedHealthcare®, you must access the AHIP/UHG co-branded website via the link provided in Learning Lab. Important! AHIP/UHG co-branded link will go live on July 29.

For more information, refer to the 2021 Certification User Guide, which will be available via Jarvis on June 29. Thank you for being a partner in care to our members.

* MA means non-Special Needs Plans (SNP). UnitedHealthcare Chronic and Dual SNPs are offered as separate certifications.


New and Improved: Sales Material Portal

Coming in July, UnitedHealthcare® will roll out a new Sales Materials Portal. It will have a familiar look and feel, however, you will notice a change in how you order. You may purchase in multiples of five up to the limit set for the product you are ordering. Quantity limits are weekly and do change based on the product.

2021 materials will be available Aug. 15 for agents certified in UnitedHealthcare 2021 products. Continue to watch Jarvis for more details in the coming weeks!

UnitedHealthCare Medicare Advantage Materials

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