Marketing Medicare Advantage + Fraud, Waste and Abuse training

Note – If you have completed your 2021 AHIP:
The Nondiscrimination module has been updated to reflect the new requirements listed in the 2020 Final rule, while also providing background information on the 2016 Final rule. You are required to review the updated slides to stay compliant. As you have already completed 2021 AHIP Medicare Training, AHIP has summarized the changes in a standalone module for you to review. Please note, you will not have to retake the final exam for the Nondiscrimination module.

To find the updated slides, scroll to the bottom of your completed transcript and click to view.

To: Agents, Brokers, and Marketing Representatives Completing AHIP Medicare Training
From: AHIP’s Insurance Education Department
Date: May 4, 2020
Re: New Training Layout for the Marketing Medicare Advantage + Fraud, Waste and Abuse Program

We want to inform you of the upcoming changes to the Marketing Medicare Advantage + Fraud, Waste and Abuse training layout. The changes will occur on June 22, 2020, at the launch of the 2021 training season.

AHIP’s number one goal is to ensure that agents, brokers and marketing representatives retain the training content necessary to properly prepare for the final exam. We now require that users complete all review questions before they can proceed forward with the training. Review questions will be located at the end of each module and will include feedback and sources, with an unlimited number of submissions. We hope the review questions will serve as a study tool and help users identify which areas of the training requires more of their focus before accessing the final exam. Review questions are not counted towards the AHIP Final Exam and are for study purposes only.

We also have streamlined the content, and modules will now include topic headings to help users easily navigate through the training. AHIP will launch a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on the Medicare website to help users quickly find answers about the training process.

To see how these changes will impact new and returning users, click here. We look forward to servicing your training needs. If you have any questions, please contact

Gregory F. Dean
Vice President, Curriculum Development
America’s Health Insurance Plans


AHIP announced there will be changes to the Marketing Medicare Advantage + Fraud, Waste and Abuse training layout.

  • Users must complete all review questions before proceeding to next training.
    • questions located at end of section
    • unlimited number of submissions
    • review questions do not count towards the AHIP final exam
  • Topic Headings added to the content and modules
  • AHIP will launch a Frequently Asked Question on the Medicare website

Questions? Call our Agent Support Team at 866-862-2325!
And remember, plan to complete this training early! The early bird gets the worm!