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Humana Q2 2022 Med Supp Incentive Flyer

The more you sell, the more you Achieve.

Just extended through Q2: unlimited incentives with Humana Achieve.

Producers can earn up to $300 per issued Humana Achieve Medicare Supplement policy depending on the underwritten mix.

Pays on all policies on the following payout schedule
40%-49% Underwritten $50 per issued policy
50%-59% Underwritten $100 per issued policy
60%-69% Underwritten $200 per issued policy
70% + Underwritten $300 per issued policy

IN, SC, TN and WI have an alternative incentive program, and therefore are excluded from this incentive.
Payouts will be made according to the table above but are subject to maximum permitted compensation rules for year one of a policy defined by state regulations and may be adjusted to the maximum allowed amount.

Valid April, May and June 2022.

View the Humana Achieve Q2 2022 Incentive Flyer for full details.

New discount for Humana Achieve Medicare Supplement plans

Enhanced Household Premium Discount for Humana Achieve Medicare Supplement plans in the following states:

3/1/2022 Effective Date

  • Illinois – went live 2/18
  • Georgia – went live 2/18

4/1/2022 Effective Date

  • Arizona – go-live 3/15
  • Arkansas – go-live 3/15
  • Iowa – go-live 3/18
  • Michigan – go-live date TBA
  • Wisconsin – go-live date TBA

5/1/2022 Effective Date

  • Texas
  • Mississippi
  • North Carolina
  • Louisiana

Updated Materials:
Humana Achieve Medicare Supplement Outlines of Coverage, Applications and Electronic Enrollment channels are all being updated to include this new Enhanced Household Premium Discount. Notice of the updated Outline of Coverage and availability of the Enhanced Household Discount on electronic enrollment channels will be sent once it is live.

How the Enhanced Household Premium Discount Works: Applications are eligible for a premium discount if they reside with their spouse (including civil union/domestic partner) or have continuously resided with at least one, but no more than three adults in the past 12 months.

For any current Humana Achieve plan policyholders who are not receiving a Household premium discount and may qualify for the Enhanced Household Discount, a new application would need to be submitted. This might require underwriting.

All remaining Achieve states (except Indiana – due to state regulations Household Discounts are not allowed and Ohio) have been filed and are awaiting approval. We’ll let you know once we receive approval and they are available for quoting.

New discount for Humana Achieve Medicare Supplement plans

First Look: 2022 Humana Plans

2022 MAPD Plan Exclusive Benefits Preview from Humana have been released!
Review the proposed plans here:
Humana Vantage – 2022 First Look

Please remember these are proposed plans and are for agent use only. CMS strictly prohibits sharing plan information with the general public or any beneficiaries prior to October 1, 2022.

If you have questions about plans, or if you would like to customize materials prior to AEP, please contact our GoldenCare Direct Team at 866-862-2325.

2020 Compliance Communication

Before AEP, we communicated that Humana will no longer accept plan change requests through the Agent Statement of Enrollment Correction (ASEC) form from an agent. Now is a good time to conduct a review of the enrollment applications you have submitted in AEP to ensure they have processed and the member is enrolled in the right plan. If you find a member who was mistakenly enrolled in the wrong Contract/PBP, you will need to obtain a new application prior to December 7 in order to use AEP to correct the member’s enrollment for a January 1, 2021 effective date.

Keep in mind that members must have a valid election code at the time the new enrollment application is being submitted. If you catch the error on December 8, for example, you will no longer be able to submit a new application using AEP to correct the plan type and will need to see if they are eligible for another election period. If they do not have another valid election period, you will need to advise them of their next opportunity to enroll in a plan.

Please ensure you are reviewing every application carefully prior to submitting to ensure you have the correct Contract/PBP and Plan Type Bubble selected.

Please note: The ASEC form may still be used for election type code, effective date, and demographic changes.

Important Minnesota Network Change Information

We are writing to let you know that beginning January 1, 2021 M Health Fairview and CentraCare will no longer be in the Humana Medicare Advantage plan network.

We wanted to make you aware of the change, as well as how Humana is planning to help members who receive care from M Health Fairview or CentraCare.

Actions Humana is taking to support impacted members:

  1. In order to ensure that there are no gaps in care and to protect members from provider disruption resulting from this network change, all Humana members who receive care from M Health Fairview or CentraCare facilities will pay in-network cost shares for medically necessary Medicare Advantage-covered services as outlined in their plan Evidence of Coverage through 2021.
  2. For 2021, Humana’s MN service area remains unchanged; however, we will not pay commissions for new plan enrollments in Stearns Co.
  3. Humana members who have questions about this change can call Customer Service at the number on the back of their Humana ID cards for additional information or for help in selecting other providers to help manage their care.

Download a sample of the letter your clients received from Humana, so that you can see how we’ve communicated the change; please note that this this letter does not reflect members’ in-network cost sharing.

Humana is disappointed that these providers initiated this termination in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and immediately preceding the AEP. We remain open to discussions with these providers.

Both the trust you’ve built and the conversations you share with your clients is invaluable to us during this transition, and we thank you for your ongoing partnership with Humana.

URGENT UPDATE: Important Minnesota Network Change Information

Medicare shift could force changes for 10,000 in Minnesota
Humana says it’s open to talking with both health systems, but M Health Fairview says seniors should consider changing insurers.
One of the state’s largest Medicare Advantage insurers says M Health Fairview and CentraCare are opting out of the health plan’s network next year, a shift that could force more than 10,000 Minnesotans to either change insurers or pay more of out of pocket to see their doctors.
Read the full Star Tribune article here.

2021 Pre-AEP Refresher: Marketing Resource Center (MRC)

As we’re getting closer to the 2021 Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), for a refresh, please review the following:

The focus will be to reiterate and ensure that our Partners are aware of Humana’s standard operating procedures for each of the above mentioned as we prepare for the upcoming AEP.

Vantage’s New Dual Eligibility Verification Tool

This tool provides dual eligibility status for prospective members. If you have the member’s Medicaid information, you can enter it into the tool and receive eligibility status back. You no longer need to call Agent Support to obtain this information as it is now at your fingertips through Quote & Enroll Card in Vantage. A great resource to save time and pre-verify Dual Eligibility!

View/Download the DESNP Verification Tool PDF

Certification/Recertification Opening June 30, 2020

AHIP is a training requirement for both Humana and MarketPoint Certification and Recertification. Here is what you need to know:

  • Plan Year 2020 (PY20) AHIP training will be taken down at midnight EST on June 19, 2020.
  • Plan Year 2021 (PY21) AHIP training will be launched at 8:00 AM EST on June 20, 2020.
  • We will accept passing AHIP scores for up to six attempts, instead of just three as in previous years.
  • We will no longer ask you to pass a 20 questions Humana test as a requirement for certification.
  • Humana will no longer have separate certification if you want PDP only.

Agents who complete PY20 Certification must complete PY21 Recertification. We are advising agents who are considering completing PY20 Certification in June to consider waiting for PY21 to launch on Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

AHIP is required for both Certification and Recertification. Agents typically take AHIP through Humana after they logged into training from our Humana site. If an agent goes directly to AHIP to register, the fee is $175.00 and they must have their AHIP results transferred to Humana before they can continue completing their Certification or Recertification.

IMPORTANT: We are not recommending or suggesting that agents take AHIP as soon as it is available by going directly to the AHIP site. Agents accessing AHIP through that site will be required to pay the full amount for testing. Agents who wish to receive the Humana discounted rate of $125.00 must enter AHIP through Humana MarketPoint University

COVID-19 Impact on Members:

Current member impact:
Telehealth visits will be fully covered – To support its members in social isolation and and to avoid COVID exposure for members and their physicians, Humana is encouraging members to use telehealth (either video or phone) as their first option for care, including routine visits for primary care or specialty care. We will waive our members’ out-of-pocket costs for telemedicine visits with participating in-network providers for the next 90-days, beginning March 6, 2020. This will apply to Humana’s Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and employer-plan members and is limited to in-network providers.

Preauthorizations for care have been removed in many cases. – Humana Medicare Advantage and employer-plan members who test positive for COVID-19 will not need to seek preauthorization to begin treatment immediately. For Medicaid members, please refer to your state’s specific page at

Early prescription refills allowed through July 27, 2020 – For members with prescription drug coverage, Humana is allowing early refills on prescription medicines so our members can prepare for extended supply needs — an extra 30- or 90-day supply as appropriate. (For Florida Medicaid members, early refills allowed through May 8, 2020.)

Home delivery of prescriptions may be available to members. – Humana Pharmacy, a preferred-cost sharing pharmacy on many Humana prescription drug plans, offers mail delivery for all orders submitted by a prescribing physician. Members may also check with other pharmacies that may be in their plan’s network to see if they currently offer delivery to support patients in social isolation.

Our dedicated member support line is available – Humana has trained a specialized group of call center associates to help support our members with specific coronavirus questions and concerns, including assistance in assessing their telemedicine benefits. Members can call Humana’s toll-free customer support line, which can be found on the back of their Humana member ID card, to be connected to this dedicated team of professionals.

Download Humana’s COVID-19 Agent Response Manual

2021 Certification & Recertification

MarketPoint Retail Sales Learning and Development is pleased to announce major changes related to Plan Year 2021 (PY21) Certification for Partner agents and Recertification for all agents.

The training department strives to improve MarketPoint’s Certification and Recertification training every year. We take the feedback from agents and partners seriously. Our goal is to improve the agent experience, provide quality training and meet the needs of Humana.

Learn More about Certification and Recertification

Humana Resources for AEP 2020

Humana has released updated tools and resources for agent use during AEP 2020! Click the links below to access:

Get Your Humana Agent Resource Guide

One resource no Field Agent should be without.

Meet the MA/MAPD Agent Resource Guide: You’ll find facts about Humana and our products, tips on compliance and marketing, contact information for Vantage and Agent Support, as well as other things you need to know — right at your fingertips!

Humana Certification & Recertification Course Details for Plan Year 2020!

It’s already that time of year to start preparing for AEP 2020 and Humana is here to help. We are excited to announce that we will be launching certification and recertification courses earlier than ever before this year! Both courses will launch at noon Eastern Time on June 25, 2019.

Our team listened to your feedback and has made some changes to help improve your experience this year.

Top 4 Improvements:

  1. This will be the earliest cert and recert launch in Humana MarketPoint history!
  2. Certification Course outlines will be reduced by almost half while maintaining training quality and making it more efficient for you to complete your certification.
  3. Both the certification and recertification final exams are open book, and for PY20 we are making it easier than ever to find the information you need to pass the test.
  4. The time to complete the final exam (both cert and recert) will be extended from 35 minutes to 45 minutes

Certification & Recertification Launch Dates
All PY20 Certification and Recertification courses will launch Tuesday June 25, 2019 at noon EST.*

*NOTE: Does not include Spanish translation. Spanish versions will be available on a delayed basis. Look for additional communications on Spanish versions.

Certification Completion Deadlines

  • Internal agents will have until 5:00 PM Eastern time on September 30, 2019 to complete Recertification.
  • External agents will have until 5:00 PM Eastern time on November 30, 2019 to complete Recertification.

AHIP Information

February 2019 Release Features for Vantage

Humana Medicare Advantage Materials

Check back for updated documents, we are continually refreshing as they become available.

Forms and Documents

Download Humana PPO Plan Video

Download Humana PDP Plan Video

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