CSG Actuarial Quoting & Comparison Tool

Accurate, Unbiased Quoting In Real Time

CSG Actuarial’s MarketAdvisor™ Quoting Tools allow agents to run the most up-to-date quotes for 200 companies in real time, analyze rate increase history, and research underwriting conditions 24/7.

GoldenCare is pleased to make this available free-of-charge for Medicare Supplement & Medicare Advantage/PDP.

Get your one-time approval out of the way!

  1. CSG Actuarial does require a simple log-in;

  2. The FIRST time you use the tool, you need to set up access by providing your name & email address;

  3. Almost immediately, you will receive an email requesting you verify your email by clicking a button;

  4. Next, you will receive an APPROVAL* email to sign-in. Now you may use the tool any time you wish!

* If requested during business hours, the ONE-TIME approvals are often handled within minutes, however it can take up to 24 hours. If you plan to use the tool later, get the approval process out of the way!

Click to learn more about the following new features:

New Drug & Underwriting Filter
New Universal, Multi-Carrier E-Application


No more wasting time with clients answering questions about drugs and health conditions.

The new Drug and Underwriting Filter on our CSG Actuarial tool assists you with field underwriting and populates only carriers able to underwrite the condition/medication.

After login, the client input screen for a quote now includes a “Show Advanced” link in the bottom corner. Click to open a lower section to specify conditions and medications.   Already ran your quote? Add conditions & medications after the fact using the “App. Health Questions” Section on the left.

CSG Actuarial E-Application image

CSG Actuarial has developed a universal, multi-carrier, electronic application.
This innovative technology allows agents to quote multiple carriers and submit a standardized, carrier-compliant application on the same platform.

CSG image1

“Smart” App
“Smart” App technology that verifies the application is accurate and complete before submission.

CSG image2

Signature Method
Flexibility incorporated into the design to accept several signature methods including applicant verification, email signature link or voice signature.

CSG image2

Underwriting Logic
Real-time E-App has built in underwriting logic to notify the agent of declinable conditions and prescriptions.

CSG image4

Application Dashboard
Single source for managing e-applications for multiple carriers. View clients’ plan selection, submitted applications with policy numbers, and applications in progess.

Click for a pre-recorded demonstration of the CSG Actuarial Quote & Comparison Tool