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Field Marketing Organization (FMO) Top 10 Questions

What is a Field Marketing Organization (FMO)?
Field Marketing Organizations (FMOs) are insurance agency entities that provide a variety of services to help agents grow their business. Services include marketing, training, compliance oversight, administrative and other business support.

Can I choose the FMO I want to work with?
Yes. You can choose the FMO that has the right services to fit your needs. The FMOs you can choose from are:

  • GoldenCare, USA
  • IFC National Marketing, Inc.
  • Mediqwest Insurance Services, Inc.
  • Sunderland Group
  • Twin City Underwriters

How can I learn more about each FMO?
Summaries of each FMO are included with this information.

What happens to my existing book of business?

You retain ownership of your business.

What happens to my commissions?
You will continue to receive the same commission. Medica will continue to pay commissions directly to you in the same method.

Do I need to sign a new agreement with Medica?
No. As part of the FMO program, your agency must submit a FMO Alignment form. Later in 2015, we will send an updated contract between your agency and Medica. This is separate from the FMO program.

Can I change FMO in the future?
Yes. If you choose an FMO and later determine it is not the best fit, you can change to a different FMO. Each April, you will have the opportunity to make a change that will be effective May 1st.

What do I need to do and by when do I need to do it?
After carefully considering your options, please complete Medica’s FMO Alignment form (also included with this information) and return it by May 1, 2015.

Who do I call if I have other questions?
You can call your sales relationship manager or Medica Broker Services at 1-866-752-0945.

How does this impact my commercial business with Medica?

The FMO program does not impact your Medica commercial business. The FMO program is unique to your Medicare and Individual and Family Business.